AXED Amateur Horror Fest takes place in Squamish, British Columbia.

Axed was created to promote and encourage the development of amateur horror films by providing a medium for horror creatives to showcase their work. Submissions are open to anyone, with one exception: We are willing to accept submissions from any cast and crew who can physically make it to the festival no matter where in the world they are from. Meaning you can still be in the running for the cash prize so long as you attend the festival. We believe that this is fair to the filmmakers who have put the time and effort into their films and the show dedication by supporting their films through coming to the festival.

If you are interested in submitting a film for this year’s festival, please send an email to letting us know of your intent to create a film and provide the best contact details for you so we may keep you in the loop with any updates.

Rules and Regulations for Submissions:

  1. Your short film should be no more than 10 minutes in length
  2. Don’t steal music, upon registering we will have you sign a form to state that the music on your film is licensed and we have the OK to screen the film.
  3. The film should be submitted via a Vimeo link or any video streaming platform of their choice, if a password is required please send the password with submission and make sure the password is up to date.
  4. If your film is chosen to be screened at the night of the festival please send a hard copy in the form of .MOV or .MP4
  5. The deadline for submissions is October 1st, 2019. Any late submissions to be considered will be subject to a $10 late fee.
  6. The film festival will be hosted on October 26th at Match Eatery in Squamish. Doors open at 7pm with events beginning at 8pm.
  7. There is a submission fee of $10. All submission fees will go into the prize pool for the winner. Film submission includes entrance for 1 person.
  8. Tickets for the event will be $15 dollars in advance, $20 at the door.
  9. The prize for “Most Entertaining Film” and the cash award will be determined by the audience.
  10. Our rules can change so don’t get too comfortable, we are a young festival with lots of room to grow!
  11. Have Fun!
  12. So get your film on, submit your scary, gruesome, and downright freaky videos………

Additional Notes:

  1. We have an obligation to keep your personal information private and we will not put any films on our site without permission.