2nd annual AXED Amateur Horror fest coming at ya

Welcome to the AXED Amateur horror fest party blog, where we will be discussing everything from how to make a great horror film to the psychology behind why we like horror films.

With the amazing weather and summer right around the corner, we think this is a great time to get out and get some good clips of those camping nights and adventures. We are so lucky that Squamish is an amazing place to film and with the amount of possibilities for spooky places were sure you will create a masterpiece.

We understand that these films take a crazy amount of time and effort to put together, so with the deadline for submissions at the end of the summer, Its time to get your film on now and be ahead of the game.

This will be our second year and we are very excited for all the time we have had to put into it. We have built a website www.axedsquamish.com, please check it out and get the whole story and a guide on how to submit a film for our contest.

Our team Tony Henderson, Bryen Shillito and Nicole Fontaine have been working hard to bring a fun filled gore fest to Squamish for the second time, this October!

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