Axed Amateur Horror Fest Squamish BC

It’s about bloody time Squamish put on an event like this!

Axed was born out of love for horror films and Halloween in October 2018 and became the first Horror Fest of its kind to come to Squamish, BC.

Aiming to provide a medium for anyone with a passion for horror to express themselves. Axed’s goal is to showcase amateur creatives through decorations, costumes, and short films.

The story of Axed started one dark summer night in August 2018,  where co-founders Bryan Shillito and Nicole Fontaine sat around a fire in the woods, scheming on how pull off an amateur horrorfest. While people came to Squamish to hike the chief and enjoying the sunshine during the day, they were envisioning nights of gore and bloodstained walls.

After much brewing, the plan came together with the help of local support. Prizes were donated for the silent auction and all the initial proceeds were given to our favorite animal rescue, Pawsitive Animal Shelter; Even Horror fanatics have a soft side.

In the final month before the festival, Antonio Henderson joined the efforts and brought with him a ton of ideas.

October 31st, 2018, the FIRST ever Axed Amateur Horror Fest went down at Match Eatery in Squamish, BC.

Mc’D by Nicole and Antonio, the festival was filled with costumes, blood, guts, and gore! Featuring a Chili Thom Memorium and 8 short Horror films, Axed Horror Fest entertained the audience.

The success of the first event led to the three of us starting the planning process for 2019. Our goal is to make it the most bloody, fearful, and straight up the most mentally deranged festival Squamish has ever had.

So bring it on! Submit your films that got axed from the big screen!